Empowering our People

Our employees are valuable assets of Guoco Group and they are of utmost importance as they are the backbone of our success. We aim to create a diverse, welcoming culture and a safe working environment in which our people are engaged, nurtured and empowered to reach their full potential.


Recruitment and Retention

We attract, nurture, motivate and retain our talents through different initiatives such as establishing dedicated recruitment hub and launching targeted programmes at different levels across a business. We also offer a mix of training and development opportunities, competitive compensation packages and benefits to promote employee wellbeing and staff engagement to enhance retention and support our talent pipeline.


Staff engagement

We put plenty of emphasis on driving employee satisfaction by actively engaging our staff members and collecting feedback from them to explore areas for improvement. Our business groups adopt various engagement tools, such as using staff surveys to ascertain feedback on reasons for retention, opinions on employee diversity, overall satisfaction and potential issues of concern.  We also ensure robust internal communication channels are available across our business groups for effective engagement, as well as timely dissemination of information and provision of psychosocial support even at times of the pandemic.


Employee Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our employees is pertinent to Guoco Group as it directly impacts their work performance, job satisfaction and our long-term development.  We strive to create a positive working environment for our employees through adopting measures that promote health, personal development and work life balance. We also foster a family-friendly culture that encourages flexible working arrangements, pro-family benefits and welfare practices. The Group actively engages its employees through social, employee bonding, outing, volunteer works and charity activities.


Development and Training  

We believe that a competent and agile workforce is essential for business sustainability. Training opportunities are offered to all our employees with an aim to equip them with the required skills, competency and updated industry knowledge to excel in their respective roles. We have also established career development programme to enable our employees to progress within the Group, whilst internal mobility is offered simultaneously across the Group’s entities and teams to enrich them with experiences from working in different areas of operations and projects. We also implement internal succession development plan to cultivate our internal talent through identifying and training of successors.


Diversity and Inclusion

Maintaining a healthy variety of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures within the Group is essential to the balance of voice and diversity which drives us to success. We adopt an inclusive recruitment approach to build a diverse workforce and welcoming different cultures, where employees are nurtured and empowered to grow and contribute to the Group through their vastly varied expertise and experience.


Occupational Health and Safety

Ensuring health and safety of our employees is a crucial priority for the Group as we see it as a key factor behind successful business outcomes and building employee faith. Our business entities have well established health and safety policies in place to enhance procedures and management systems, and facilitate the right adoption of practices that strictly comply with regulatory standards. Health and safety training catered to our employees and their functions are provided to enforce the implementation and effectiveness of our policies and procedures.



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