Manuka Health New Zealand Limited (100% shareholding)

Manuka Health New Zealand Limited (“Manuka Health”) is a leading global Manuka honey brand specialising in Manuka honey, propolis, royal jelly and natural wellbeing products that are well-trusted by customers from over 45 countries worldwide.

With approximately 21,000 beehives of its own in the most pristine parts of New Zealand, Manuka Health also has one of the largest purpose-built facilities in the country for honey extraction, honey-drum storage, blending, packing and distribution.

Driven and operated by a team of dedicated experts consisting of leaders and scientists in Manuka honey and propolis science and professional beekeepers, Manuka Health owns the whole process from hive to jar and commits to producing bee products sustainably and of the highest quality.

Honey of Manuka Health has undergone robust tests for its purity, quality and MGO potency, with a number of endorsements and independent certifications received for its premium quality and authenticity.


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Bass Strait Oil & Gas Royalty

Guoco Group has rights to receive 55.11% of a 2.5% overriding royalty from the production of all hydrocarbons produced from designated areas in the Bass Strait, Australia.

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