Towards a Greener Future

As a global corporate citizen, Guoco Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and we inculcate the philosophy and culture of caring for the environment across the Group. This serves as the building block of all environmental initiatives, policies and practices of our business groups that aim to reduce GHG emissions, waste and consumption of water and other resources. We strive to enhance the efficiency of our operations and ensure compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, as well as adopting internationally recognized standards and best practices to constantly improve our environmental performance.


Tackling Climate Change

Our subsidiary groups are committed to develop mitigation, adaptation, and resilience strategies to address both present and future potential challenges from climate change, advancing their way towards Net Zero.


During FY2023, GuocoLand has commenced the next phase of its decarbonisation journey, which includes refining its emissions accounting, establishing appropriate baselines for its decarbonization plan, setting targets, and identifying and assessing the feasibility of potential asset enhancement initiatives that can reduce its carbon emissions footprint. Rank’s long-term goal is to achieve climate neutrality for its entire value chain by 2050 or earlier if possible. An interim target has also been set to remove all GHG emissions by 2035. Clermont Hotel Group has attained Greengage’s ECOsmart accreditation for 14 of its hotels. It is now developing its net zero pathway for its transition towards sustainability.


Energy and Emissions Management

Our business groups have implemented environmental policies that provide guidelines on energy management and implement technology upgrades as well as appropriate efficiency measures where possible to reduce energy wastage. Energy audits are proactively conducted to monitor energy flows to identify better solutions to optimize energy consumption. We also engage our stakeholders to increase their awareness of energy conservation and responsible consumption.


Water and Effluent Management

The Group’s main source of water is from municipal sources. We actively implement water conservation measures and increase water efficiency of our operations where possible. Stakeholders are also regularly engaged to encourage the adoption of water conservation measures.


Waste Management

We are committed across the Group in managing our waste effectively through continuous recycling efforts and reusing resources. All business groups engage licensed waste collectors to ensure proper waste disposal and mitigate plastic leakage into the environment. Hazardous wastes are disposed through registered disposal companies for safe disposal. Waste segregation bins are also stationed at our operating sites to facilitate waste recycling in our premises.




Sustainability Goal Setting & Performance

With a common goal in mitigating environmental risks while building climate resilience, our business groups have proactively set their own short-term and long-term targets to drive collective efforts towards energy saving and decarbonization, reducing water consumption and minimizing wastes.  Please refer to our latest ESG Report on our set targets and sustainability performance.

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