Conducting Business with Honour

Guoco Group values and upholds high standards of business ethics and integrity. We believe in fair and open competition that based upon sound commercial practices, and aim to develop long-term relationships with suppliers, contractors and business partners based on fairness, mutual trust and benefit.

Corporate Governance 
Code of Conduct and Anti-corruption Policy
The Group has established a Corporate Code of Conduct that entails policies and procedures espousing good business conduct and ethics. Our contractors and suppliers will also be required to sign as appropriate prior to the engagement with us the Code of Conduct on business ethics, covering environmental and governance standards, to ensure they abide by the similar code.

The Group also disseminates its Anti-Corruption Policy to all its employees, and adopted zero tolerance towards fraud, corruption and unethical actions. We have policies and procedures concerning offering or accepting gifts and gratuities, and all employees are required to become acquainted with and to abide by these policies and procedures. In addition, our business groups have implemented training, management systems and internal controls to prevent corruption from occurring.

Whistleblowing Policy
To foster a productive workforce and maintain high standards of business ethics, Guoco and its business groups have established Whistleblowing Policy that outlines confidential and anonymous channels for any staff and/or external parties to voice their concerns, actual or suspected misconduct, malpractice or non-compliance in any matter related to the Group. A whistleblower will be protected from retaliation, adverse employment action or legal action by the Group where the report is made in good faith.

Intellectual Property
As intellectual property is paramount in safeguarding the identity and brands affiliated with Guoco Group, we strive to protect our intellectual property rights and respect third party intellectual property rights according to all applicable laws and regulations. The Group’s worldwide portfolio of intellectual property are reviewed from time to time to ensure new and existing rights are adequately preserved. We also require our service providers, suppliers or business partners to undertake and warrant as appropriate that there is no infringement of third-party intellectual property rights.

Labour Standards
As a trustworthy employer, Guoco Group is committed to reinforcing compliant labour management across the Group and attach great importance in complying with international and national labour laws and practices to promote worker empowerment and worker protection.  We object to child and forced labour. This fundamental proposition is non-negotiable, and its observance is compulsory across all our business groups, their contractors, suppliers or service providers.

Product Quality and Service Responsibility
The delivery of safe and reliable products and services across our businesses contributes to our reputation as a respected industry player in different sectors. We abide by the laws and regulations strictly as we considered it vital to quality management. We further embed our products and services with health and safety features to ensure customer satisfaction and drive loyalty. Our business groups are dedicated to achieving a high standard by implementing tailored processes for continuous monitoring and improvement of their products and services, and benchmark against rigorous assessment systems and international standards to reach excellency and meeting customer expectations.

Supply Chain Management
We recognise our operations are highly dependent on a responsible and sustainable supply chain that allows us to receive the goods and services we require. We safeguard our values along our supply chain to protect our principles of ethics and lawfulness. Our business groups have long standing procurement policies and guidelines for supplier and contractor selections.

Data Privacy and Security
We recognise our responsibilities in safeguarding customers’ data, and our priority is to prevent breach or loss of data and to ensure they are used in a fair and transparent manner. We have established internal policies, manual and processes across the Group to comply with the applicable data protection laws. We also regularly review and revise internal policies and processes in response to operational needs and any regulatory changes.

Ethical Marketing
Our business groups commit to market their products by communicating honestly, transparently and responsibly, and complying to all applicable laws and advertising codes to ensure truthful messaging and avoid misleading customers. Approval processes are established to review the advertising materials before release to ensure their compliance. This ultimately helps to build trusting and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Safer Gambling
Our gaming group Rank employs a wide range of measures to identify issues in customers’ gambling behavior at the earliest possible opportunity. Assessment and improvement of these measures is ongoing as it responds to developments in technology and customer understanding, as well as new legislation and regulation. By providing access to safer gambling tools and educating customers about responsible play, Rank is equipping them with the understanding to use its products and services safely.

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