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About Us

Guoco (together with its subsidiaries, “the Group”)  is headquartered in Hong Kong, and is the overseas listed investment flagship of Hong Leong Group, a conglomerate in Malaysia. Being a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with diverse capabilities commanding a total workforce of 12,000, Guoco operates its property development and investment business through two of its listed subsidiaries, namely GuocoLand Limited (listed in Singapore) and GuocoLand (Malaysia) Berhad (listed in Malaysia) while its leisure business is undertaken by The Rank Group Plc (listed in London). Total market capitalization of the Group’s four listed entities amounted to USD4,414 million (as at 30 June 2023).


The principal investment and hospitality business are run by its wholly owned subsidiaries, namely GuocoEquity Assets Limited and Clermont Hotel Group Limited (based in the United Kingdom) respectively. Guoco also owns Manuka Health New Zealand Limited, a honey product producer and distributor, as well as interest in Bass Strait Oil and Gas royalty. Its financial business is represented by its interest in an associated company, Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad, which is listed in Malaysia.

Group Structure

Vision & Purpose

The Group’s vision is for its businesses to be long-term competitive and sustainable enterprises; and in doing so, create prime value and achieve long-term sustainable growth for its shareholders.


The strategic intent is to transform the businesses in the Group, to focus on core businesses, to build brands and develop competencies. It would include strategies and action plans to achieve sustainable global competitiveness and to deliver consistent compound annual growth in revenue, profits and free cash flow. This is carried out through integrating entrepreneurialism with professional business management as well as strong discipline and governance.

Core Values

Our Group values underpin our culture and serve as a compass in all we do.

Group Culture

Group culture serves as the basis of our business operation. The Board plays a leading role in shaping the corporate culture and reviews this from time to time. Together with an established whistleblowing framework, strong compliance, ethics, and adherence to the code of conduct and policies are promoted across the Group. Additionally, the quality of our people is fundamental to our business strategies. We strive to foster an inclusive workplace that values open communication and encourages collaboration towards shared goals. Being innovative and dedicated to continuous improvement are essential for our organization’s progress. We expect our business groups to be forward-thinking and adaptable to new technologies. It is through transformation that we are able to achieve sustainable global competitiveness and consistent growth.

Group Strategy

With a strong heritage of value creation, the Group’s entrepreneurial vision guides our operating businesses to remain relevant, trustworthy, competitive and sustainable in pursuit of growth and the creation of prime value. We also seek to advance our development through incorporating digital technology as part of the Group’s business strategy. With the growing importance of environmental, social and governance, we are also incorporating this in our business operations and strategic decision-making to derive sustainable solutions that benefit our stakeholders. This is all underpinned by achieving a strong and healthy financial position through strict adherence to prudent financial disciplines that enhance the resilience and sustainability of our businesses.

Our Holding Company - Hong Leong Group

Hong Leong Group was founded in 1963 as a building materials trading company in Malaysia. Over the years, Hong Leong Group’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to propel its growth into one of the largest conglomerates in South East Asia today. Its operations span key sectors of the economy including financial services, manufacturing and distribution, property development and investments, hospitality and leisure, consumer goods, healthcare and principal investments. Its presence stretches across Southeast Asia, Greater China, Europe, Oceania and North America.


With 13 reputable listed companies on major stock exchanges around the world and over 30,000 workforce, Hong Leong Group’s reach has gone beyond the shores of its home base into global proportions.


Standing on its strong heritage and armed with its commitment to embrace technological developments along with professional management, discipline and governance, Hong Leong Group is well-positioned for long-term, sustainable value creation.

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