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General Computer Security

  • Install the latest security updates and patches for your operating system and browser to fix vulnerabilities
  • Install anti-virus software and update virus signatures regularly
  • Use a personal firewall to protect your computer from potential hackers
  • Install anti-spyware software to prevent a third party from taking control of your computer and collect your sensitive information
  • Never download freeware into your computer
  • Always backup your important data to an external hard disk or CD/DVD writer

Online Security

  • If you suspect a website, leave it
  • Always verify the correctness of domain name displayed in your browser's address bar or access websites through your browser's bookmarks
  • Disconnect from the Internet when not using it


  • Be alert for phishing emails. They may appear to come from a trusted website or trusted friends but they may link to fraudulent websites to acquire your sensitive information such as account number, password, etc.
  • Delete any suspected email immediately
  • Be cautious when clicking on a link embedded in an email. The URL may look like that of the actual company's website but may link to a fraudulent website
  • Never download attachments in an email from an unknown sender
  • We never inquire your personal information through email

Please visit the following links to obtain further information:

Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Technology Services Department

Hong Kong Police

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