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Guoco Group Limited

"Guided by our company value of Social Responsibility, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship and protect the environment. We are committed as a company and as individuals to comply with the laws, respect the cultures, and to have a positive impact to the communities where we conduct our businesses."

Guoco staff participated in Flag Day and 2015 Walk for Millions organized by The Hong Kong Community Chest.

At Guoco Group, we aim to achieve our business objective of realising long term shareholders' value and business sustainability, taking into account of the interests of our stakeholders. We believe that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully; it is also part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. We continue to support communities in ways that enhance the Group's relationship and reputation with employees, customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Guided by our company value of Social Responsibility, we are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship and protect the environment. We are committed as a company and as individuals to comply with the laws, respect the cultures, and to have a positive impact to the communities where we conduct our businesses.

Below is our commitment to each of the focus areas under our corporate social responsibility framework:



The Group aims to ensure that the health, safety, and welfare of our employees are well taken care of and we acknowledge our responsibility towards employees who may be affected by our activities. While we regard legislative compliance as a minimum, whenever possible, we seek to implement higher health and safety standards throughout our businesses.

Consistent with our Best Work Environment practices, the Group is committed to providing equal opportunities for all our employees. We ensure that every employee is treated equally and fairly, free from discrimination in all aspects of employment including recruitment, promotion, and opportunities for training, pay and benefits.

Staff Training and Development

The Group is committed to the following mission in staff training and development:

"To improve employee's present job performance, and develop their potential to support the business needs and future growth."

It is the policy of the Group to encourage employees to attend appropriate courses to enhance their competence for performance improvement and career development. In view of this, the Group has organized workshops, seminars and training programmes for employees covering various aspects to improve their level of skills and knowledge and to maximise their potentials. They are also encouraged to enrol in external studies opportunities to enrich themselves through acquiring higher professional qualifications or to attend job-related courses.

Workplace Health & Safety

We are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe workplace to our employees. The promotion of occupational and health measures at workplace are regarded essential to our businesses and operations. Appropriate occupational and health manuals relevant to their industries/businesses are adopted by the core business subsidiary groups. Risk assessments of workstations are conducted constantly to identify and assess the risks to the safety and health of the employees, and to decide whether existing precautions are adequate. We constantly provide regular environment, health and safety training to employees and continue to raise corporate and individual awareness of maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. We encourage our employees to advise us of any health and safety issues in their workplace so that we can look at eliminating or reducing the risk and finally we will all work together to reduce health and safety risks to a minimum.

GuocoLand was conferred the Silver Award by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore as a national recognition of its dedication to put employees' wellness as a corporate priority.

Employee Engagement

We value the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and worklife balance of our employees. Staff wellness programmes varied from fruit day, free breakfast day to medical officer advice telephone support, psychological (counselling) services, health promotion and wellness screening. Paper embroidery workshop, social harmony talk and parents workshop on improving soft skills and interpersonal relationships were also organised during the year. Staff privileges were given to employees from time to time.

The Group also actively engages its employees through social, employee bonding, outing, volunteer works and charity activities. During the year, Hong Kong staff took part in Walk for Millions and Flag Day organised by The Community Chest of Hong Kong. Other staff bonding activities also included staff annual dinners, charity run, mooncake workshop and bowling competition.

Staff of GuocoLand took part in the 2015 SGX Bull Charge, a corporate charity run.
Guoco staff participated in mooncake workshop and parents workshop.


Tanjong Pagar Centre Awards for its environmentally friendly features
2012   LEED CS Pre-certified Platinum
           (Guoco Tower)
2013   BCA Green Mark Platinum Award
           (Guoco Tower, Clermont Hotel and
           retail components)
2014   BCA Green Mark Gold Plus Award
           (Clermont Residence)

Guoco Group endeavours to identify and minimise the negative environmental impacts of our products and business activities. Our environmental initiatives include smart and careful consumption of resources and water, and measures taken on emissions to air, waste generation, energy use and procurement processes. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and encouraging greater sustainability throughout our business.

GuocoLand is committed in its efforts to develop processes and to include environmental sustainable features in its property development. Initiatives have been taken to develop buildings which comply with the guidelines set by the local building authorities in countries in which GuocoLand group operates in. Among the notable examples is Damansara City, a flagship integrated development at Damasara Heights, is built to comply with the Green Building Index (GBI) Certified rating; the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Gold rating; and CONQUAS Quality Assessment for building construction works. Testimony to GuocoLand's efforts in environmental sustainability are the awards its property developments have garnered in all these years. In particular, GuocoLand's landmark integrated development, Tanjong Pagar Centre, currently under construction, has already received several awards, including some which recognise it for its environmentally friendly features.

For the fourth year, Rank has reduced gas and electricity consumption on a like-for-like basis, achieved by the various initiatives coordinated via internal opportunities database including an automatic meter reading (AMR) system for monitoring gas and electricity consumption. Food waste segregation and collection has been rolled out across the venue estates with a resultant improvement in landfill diversion.

GL has an environmental policy in place which requires working with suppliers and partners to reduce energy and water consumption, increase recycling levels and incorporate renewable energy into its business practices to minimise operational expenses as well as its carbon footprint. This environmental policy is regularly monitored and updated to reflect new initiatives and processes.

GL's subsidiary, Molokai Properties Limited, is working with a third party to develop solor energy on the island of Molokai, to lower electricity costs and utilise clean renewable energy, thus decreasing the importation of fossil fuel to the island.


The Group is committed to good business ethics and integrity. For many years now, we have had in place internally generated best practices to ensure the economic sustainability of all our companies. Some of these best practices are:

  • Financial management disciplines established to drive excellence in financial management with the objective of preserving and enhancing the quality of the business as an on-going concern.
  • An established enterprise risk management structure to ensure that a systematic policy-making process and delegation of responsibility are clearly set out to guide management.
  • A code of business conduct and ethics applicable to compiling financial reports to ensure disclosures are true and fair.
  • The practice of responsible selling and marketing of products and services.

We believe in fair and open competition based upon sound commercial practices and aim to develop long term relationships with suppliers and contractors based upon mutual trust. Therefore, the hire of services or the purchase of goods should be based solely upon price, quality, service dependability, and need. It is the policy of the Group to prohibit bribery and corrupt practices. The Group has in place policies and guidelines, including staff code of conduct, intellectual properties rights policy and personal data privacy policy, to ensure the conduct of the Group companies and employees are in compliance of rules and regulations and adhere to a higher standard of business ethnics and integrity.


Social responsibility is one of the Group's culture. We have long been committed to striving for the betterment of society and hold strongly the belief that a business organisation should not detach itself from its social responsibility. To this end, the Group and its staff are dedicated to charity works and active engagement with the communities.

Guoco staff participated in Walk for Millions, Skip Lunch Day, Flag Day, Dress Casual Day and Love Teeth Day organised by The Community Chest of Hong Kong during the year. We were ranked second in the overall fund raising for The Community Chest Walk for Millions 2015. To recognise our enthusiastic participation and contribution, Guoco has been awarded the Platinum Award and the prestigious President's Award for the tenth year by The Community Chest. The Company was also recognised as a 2014/15 Top Ten Donor.

Guoco ranked second in the overall fund raising for The Community Chest Walk for Millions 2015.

The Company, together with four group companies in Hong Kong namely Guoco Management Company Limited, GuocoCapital Limited*, Hong Leong Insurance (Asia) Limited and Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Hong Kong Branch have been for the second year awarded "Caring Company 2014/2015" designation by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of their continuous dedication and enduring efforts in performing corporate social responsibilities.

Rank Cares, a fund-raising and volunteering programme Rank launched in 2014, provides support to Carers Trust to help those who help others in need of care. The programme provides support, advice and relief for those undertaking what is often very physically and emotionally draining work and provides a framework for the employees of Rank to volunteer their time to help the Carers Trust. At 30 June 2015, Rank had raised GBP0.8 million for the Carers Trust.

Celebration for Lite@Nite raising the first GBP100,000.

GL's subsidiary GLH Hotels Limited has an established charitable foundation "Lite@Nite" that engages the entire workforce throughout the UK for the benefit of vulnerable children and to raise awareness of children's issues. In the last two years, Lite@Nite has raised GBP172,108 for five recognised children's charities through a nation-wide employee relay which involved swimming, running, cycling and walking over 1,400 miles. Lite@Nite also sponsors fun and engaging triathlons for children.

GuocoCapital Limited has ceased to be a subsidiary of Guoco with effect from 16 February 2016.

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