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Guoco Group Limited

Our Principal Investment business, leveraging on years of experience and success as an investor, has been built up into a core business of the Group with a team of well-trained and experienced investment professionals covering equity and direct investments as well as treasury operations. Committed to its mission to create attractive risk weighted returns and capital value to the Group, the team is supported by up-to-date information systems and technological infrastructure as well as solid risk management processes and control mechanism. Ongoing resources are allocated to enhance our investment infrastructure to cater for the business needs.

Fully capitalising on the team's knowledge, expertise and insights on global economies and markets as well as individual industries, the Group focuses on long-term investment opportunities into businesses and industries where their management expertise and competencies can create sustainable profit growth leading to the creation of capital value.

Our portfolio and strategic investments are not limited to any specific industry or sector, but priority would be given to industries which are relevant to the Asian market where the Group has extensive core businesses, as well as industries that will provide core synergistic value with the Group's existing businesses.

Our treasury division focuses on global economic conditions, forex and interest rate trends, strategic trading ideas. It also manages major financial exposures of the Group and hedging proposals to manage the Group's liquid assets.

Treasury and investment management teams have been organized regionally to harness the group resources under two investment offices, namely Hong Kong and Malaysia, to enable us to select and validate appropriate investments that meet the Group's target valuation benchmarks and whose potential satisfies its demanding investment criteria. The two investment teams report to Guoco's Board Investment Committee which is chaired by Mr. Quek Leng Chan (Guoco's Chairman) and was mandated by Guoco's board of directors to oversee the overall investment activities of the Group and guide the overall process governing the Group's core investment and treasury operations.

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